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IMRZ Labs provides accelerated value to companies and individuals in Web3, XR, AI, NFTs and the Metaverse.

WEB 3.0

Platforms and apps built on the blockchain with benefits shared between the users who create value.

The last decade saw traditional Web 2 companies build platforms focused on profiting off user data and engagement. Web 3 is a step change from this, offering the opportunity to build user-driven value offerings.


Visualising digital assets and experiences in both our world (Augmented Reality) and the virtual world (Virtual Reality).

XR technology is gathering pace towards mainstream adoption. As hardware becomes more accessible and affordable, more disruption is taking place within entertainment and e-commerce.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a way of making computers do things that normally need human intelligence. Recent software releases allow us to integrate this technology into our everyday lives and businesses.

Businesses can use AI to automate tasks, learn from data, improve customer experiences and make better decisions. AI generation also allows us to create content in a fraction of the time it would take a human.


Online digital spaces where people come together to work, socialise and engage in experiences.

The global pandemic accelerated a move towards remote work and online socialising, which the Metaverse is set to capitalise on through augmented experiences and functionality.


Online digital assets stored on the blockchain, with a verifiable trail of ownership and activity.

NFTs are currently disrupting the world of art, media and collectibles, but their use-cases are endless and offer opportunities across a myriad of sectors.

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Mike Anderson

Award-winning founder in the digital space, having built and exited 3 businesses covering eCommerce, mobile applications and digital marketing.

Ben Emma

Web 3/Metaverse Architect with extensive experience building and scaling Blockchain & XR solutions. Founded and exited a decentralized exchange.

Stephen Wilson

Founded leading Microsoft Dynamics reseller eBECS, with revenues of $55m, 420 employees with operations in over 6 countries - Acquired by DXC Technology.

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