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Our core advisory offerings focus on helping you to identify and understand how Web3 & Emerging technologies can drive value to your business

We advise new clients to kick off their engagement with our IMRZ Labs workshop

The IMRZ Labs workshop is designed to educate prospective clients about the Web3 landscape and emerging technology we expect will shape the digital world over the next 5 years.


Understand Terminology

Understand the landscape and terminology used in the space

Visualise Business Applications

Visualise the value emerging techn bring to businesses

Illustrate Examples

Share case studies of brands using emerging technologies

Identify Opportunities

Help you to develop out projects that unlock the possibilities

Workshops can be shaped to cover any of the following topics...


Learn about the underlying technology that started the movement towards decentralised technologies and why it's important in shaping the future of the internet.


Discover the various tokenized ecosystems that will change the way we exchange value in the future.


Take your first steps into understanding the Metaverse and the possibilities it will unlock for leisure, the workplace and commerce.

Extended Reality (XR)

Understand how the adoption of AR/VR technology will change the way we engage with each other and our surroundings.


Explore how uniquely identifiable digital assets are changing the world of media, art and consumer engagement.

Our Workshops

IMRZ Labs workshops are designed to be flexible around your business requirements, and can be tailored to focus on areas of specific interest to you. Workshops can be delivered in person or remotely, and we typically suggest a one day workshop to deliver our suggested content stream.

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