Imrz Labs

Building Web 3.0

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology studio based in the UK

We are a team of Web3 experts and engineers focused on unlocking the potential of blockchain projects for your company. We help brands and individuals understand the potential of Web3, and how to unlock the benefits for their business.

Types of Projects


Build decentralized applications that use blockchain over traditional databases.


Integrate verifiable tokens into existing solutions and build NFT minting platforms.


Launch token projects linked to utility within your organization.


Engineering financial tools using smart contracts / blockchain technology.

What We Do

Our Approach


We stay up-to-date with the latest tech developments to help you implement quickly.


We are true to our word, backed by decades of experience delivering solutions for happy clients.


The IMRZ ecosystem combines knowledge, technical know-how and years of experience from a wealth of partners and collaborators.


We recognise that plans and priorities can change – we run a scalable and flexible cost base that shapes itself around your requirements.

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